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Music for Everyone

I will learn. I will be strong. I will change the world with my song.​

Beginner to Advanced

Whatever your age or ability level, Ms. Klopfenstein will work with you to help you achieve your musical goals.

Learn from the Best

Ms. Klopfenstein is a classically trained violinist, violist, pianist, bluegrass champion Celtic fiddler, guitarist, ukulele playing, singing, musician.

Lessons Tailored for You

Everyone is unique in the way they learn and connect with the world. Whatever your learning style, Ms. Klopfenstein is committed to helping you become a more confident person and musician.

Violin / Viola

Students learn to play with correct posture and technique with emphasis placed on playing in tune, with beautiful sound. Students study the Suzuki Violin/Viola School literature and supplemental books. In addition to classical music, students explore other styles such as bluegrass, Celtic, and music from other countries.


Students learn to read music, chords, strumming and picking techniques, keep a steady beat, play both rhythm and lead, as well as studying various styles such as country, jazz, Americana, and bluegrass.


Students learn to read music, chords, strumming techniques, and keeping a steady beat, while singing along with this delightful instrument.


Students learn to read music, count, keep a steady beat, play with correct technique and musical expression by working through the Suzuki School of Music books and/or other method books as determined by Ms. Klopfenstein.


Students study various vocal exercises and songs to develop correct technique, develop ear training, learn how to read notes, count, and sing with correct diction.

Special Event Music

Ms. Klopfenstein is available to hire for special events. Ms. Klopfenstein is a professional violinist, pianist, and loves to sing along with your favorite songs on piano, guitar, or ukulele. Ms. Klopfenstein can also coordinate with other musicians on various instruments to get the sound and style your event needs. Please contact Ms. Klopfenstein at least 1 month prior to your event to allow adequate time to plan and prepare. A partial deposit is due at the time of booking with the remainder due at the event.

Onboarding Process


Connect with Ms. K

Contact Ms. Klopfenstein via phone or email to set up a trial lesson.


Set Up Trial Lesson

During the trial lesson, Ms. Klopfenstein will assess the student’s ability
level and come up with a learning plan tailored for the student.


Sign Up and Get Started!

There is no enrollment fee, however, the parent/guardian are asked to read and sign the STMS Policy prior to beginning lessons.

About Ms. Klopfenstein

Ms. Klopfenstein was born and raised in the Midwest and began performing with her sisters in a family band at a young age. A classically trained violinist, violist, and pianist, she is also a bluegrass fiddle champion and Celtic fiddler. She is a self-taught guitarist and ukulele player, learning to play whilst traveling on the road, performing music for people on street corners, bus stations, subways, and cafes.

Ms. Klopfenstein is a certified Suzuki instructor, studying pedagogy with Mr. Edward Kreitman, a student of the sensei, Dr. Suzuki. Ms. Klopfenstein is a freelance performer, performing in professional and community orchestras, various ensembles, special events, has been a piano accompanist, singer, and director of both sacred and secular choirs, as well as teaching in K-12 public, private, and charter schools as a string director, choir director, and general music teacher.

STMS Gives Back

One of the core values of STMS is, “Music for Everyone.” In the state of Arizona, there are 13,319 foster children. STMS is proud to be a Preferred Partner of the Arizona Friends of Foster Children Foundation. As a Preferred Partner, STMS offers a discounted rate on music lessons to children in foster care.


STMS also organizes a performance for the elderly each year (COVID-19 permitting). This gives students an opportunity to experience first-hand the gift of giving, connecting young and old in the joy of music. 


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Events and Performances

Currently accepting students for 2022-2023 school year
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